Top Technology Challenges Facing Schools and How MSPs Can Solve Them

Top Technology Challenges Facing Schools and How MSPs Can Solve Them

Chances are, even those who finished school just a decade ago would have a hard time recognizing the modern classroom. Today, digital technology is transforming the world of education to the extent that it has become one of the most important lifelines in the school.

However, aside from the obvious need to secure mission-critical data, technology is also changing the way teachers do their jobs. At the same time, budgetary constraints and the increasing availability of technology is introducing new challenges to educational institutions.

#1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Most schools, particularly those operated by the state, have limited budgets at their disposal, hence the relatively slow adoption of modern technology in the classroom. An increasingly popular way around this challenge is to let students bring their own mobile devices into school for educational purposes.

Unfortunately, the BYOD trend introduces its own set of challenges, including the necessity to differentiate between trusted and vulnerable devices and protect data stored within. However, MSPs can help organizations improve security and efficiency through effective mobile device management and access control.

#2. Need for Cloud-Based Learning

One of the fastest-growing trends in education is undoubtedly cloud-based learning, which facilitates remote learning and makes it easier for teachers to access important educational resources in the classroom. Given that the internet provides a vast and constantly increasing wealth of educational resources, schools need to enable the measures necessary to access them.

MSPs specializing in education can provide many of the cloud-based educational and collaboration platforms you need to enable better teamwork and increased digital awareness. With a cloud-based learning ecosystem, students will also be able to study more effectively from home through the ability to access the same learning resources they use in the classroom.

#3. Poor Network Infrastructure

Many teachers cite an inadequate network infrastructure as the main inhibitor for using modern technology to its fullest potential. After all, students will likely spend a considerable portion of their time using social media, video-streaming websites, and other bandwidth-hogging applications.

Oftentimes, it’s not actually the network infrastructure itself that’s to blame. While every educational organization needs a fast and reliable internet connection, far more important is the way you manage your bandwidth. By prioritizing certain online tasks, you can regain control over your network by limiting access to non-learning-related applications.

#4. Technology Upgrades

You probably remember how woefully outdated the computers often were at school. In fact, a lot of schools weren’t even able to provide their students with consistent access to the internet long after it had already become a major thing in the home.

When you’re relying solely on in-house hardware within limited budgetary constraints, it is virtually impossible to stay at the forefront of innovation. Fortunately, having your learning applications hosted in the cloud, combined with a robust BYOD policy, means you can greatly reduce your dependency on expensive in-house systems that need regular upgrades and maintenance.

#5. Resistance to Change

Many teachers are resistant to change in the classroom, which is often due to fear, a lack of leadership or a lack of technical knowledge in which technology works best in modern education. It is rarely easy to choose and implement the right technology, and a poorly executed approach can lead to wasted money and reduced efficiency.

An MSP that specializes in education understands the industry and the challenges it faces. That means they will be able to choose and implement the most suitable tech solutions for your needs. Furthermore, outsourcing your IT to a reliable partner means you no longer need to worry about trying to solve problems yourself or maintaining your own systems.

At Level5 Mgmt, we understand that digital technology has become a key enabler of modern education. That’s why we help schools develop a productive learning environment with IT that works for, rather than against, you. Call us today to speak to one of our representatives.