Essential Technology Tools Every Law Firm Must Have

Essential Technology Tools Every Law Firm Must Have

Law firms have traditionally shied away from new and emerging technologies for fear that they will cause unnecessary disruption. However, what one firm might see as a disruptive technology, another might consider an opportunity. That said, it pays to think ahead and learn to separate the disruptive from the useful so that you can better maintain your competitive edge.

Just like any other industry, the legal profession is rapidly changing, and much of this change is down to technology – things like smartphones and cloud computing have enabled greater workforce mobility, while new technologies also introduce new security and compliance challenges into the mix.

For a law firm to thrive in today’s market, it’s essential to consider the core principles of doing business in the modern age before aligning technology to your goals. With critical factors like mobility, automation, collaboration, and security in mind, let’s look at some of the most valuable technology tools for your practice:

#1 Document Management System

Documents, whether in printed or digital form, are the lifeblood of any law firm. With so many records and files to keep up with, the efficiency of such an organization is directly related to the way it handles its documents. Document management systems (DMS) are especially useful for law firms because they greatly enhance efficiency by providing a centralized database for all your correspondence and other important documents.

Document management systems don’t just offer convenience. They also boost security and compliance by providing centralized access and full enablement of cloud-based features and functions. Furthermore, with a cloud-based DMS and case management system, your employees can access the records and data they need to do their jobs no matter where they are.

#2 Managed Security

As a law firm, your entire business is built on trust, so you cannot afford to compromise on security. That aside, there are also strict government-mandated compliance regulations to adhere to. In short, you owe it to your customers and the very reputation of your business to take every possible measure to safeguard your data. To accomplish this, you need cutting-edge technology and expertise on your side.

Managed security services are hosted solutions designed to address some of the most important security challenges that law firms face. Core components of such a service include round-the-clock monitoring, vulnerability scanning, logging, and monthly security reports. After all, hackers don’t take a break, so your business can’t afford to take a break from cybersecurity either.

#3 Backup & Disaster Recovery

Law firms have an ethical duty not just to keep their clients’ data in the right hands, but also to ensure that it’s not lost due to a natural disaster or system failure. That’s why, just like any other type of organization, a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy is crucial for your firm. Furthermore, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), enacted in 2002, sets strict standards concerning document retention and accessibility.

Since your business so heavily depends on its digital documents, such as case files, court transcripts, legal briefs, and client correspondence, it’s critical that you have a dependable off-site backup and recovery solution for any eventuality. By using an online backup service that’s compliant with the law, you’ll be able to recover quickly after a disaster while eliminating human error with automation.

The last thing any law firm should have to worry about is subpar IT. That’s why Level 5 Management helps you put your case to rest with managed services tailored to the precise needs of your practice. Call us today to find out more.