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It is my pleasure to recommend the IT services of Level5 Mgmt. During the past three years, Level5 Mgmt has been providing my company, The Morganti Group, Inc. with the highest quality in IT services. Morganti has offices across the country and across the world, so it is crucial that we maintain connectivity between our various sites. We utilize Level5 Mgmt’s ConnectIT private cloud solution to allow us not only to stay connected, but the peace of mind that our important data is secure. Accompanied with their expert support and rapid response to our requests, Level5 is an asset to Morganti and any company in need of an IT provider. Level5 Mgmt’s dedicated staff has always gone above and beyond when we need them, so for that reason we are happy to offer this recommendation letter as a thank you to Level5 Mgmt for continued loyalty and great service.

The Morganti Group, Inc.

From the beginning, Level5 Mgmt and its highly talented staff, have gone above and beyond to help my practice resolve some detrimental network issues due to the negligence of our former IT provider. Right away, Level5 was quick to diagnose the issue that took my former provider weeks with no resolution. Their attention to detail and transparency throughout the entire process made me confident that they had my practices best interest in mind. Now 6 years later, they are as attentive to our requests as they were from the beginning and I continue to trust their advice greatly. In my experience, it is difficult to find an IT provider that is trustworthy and in a lot of ways, capable of the services they are offering, so I was relieved to have found Level5 Mgmt when I did. With that said, I would recommend Level5 Mgmt as they would be an asset to any company they service.

Central Phoenix Family Medicine

In 2002 we had our service and maintenance contract with a company in Ft. Lauderdale and Ben Filippelli was the lead engineer there. His performance and attention to detail was outstanding. We had no problem abandoning our pre-paid contract with the current vendor in order to follow him when he left for Level5 Mgmt and we continue to be happy to this day. Having Ben and now the entire team of Level5 Mgmt behind him serving our business takes away all of our concerns for network safety, IT questions and computer maintenance. They have been there through several new servers, migrations and upgrades; we can always count on Level5 Mgmt to be available whenever they are needed, day, night or weekends. Since they are “in the business” of computers, networks and IT, I can always count on them to keep me up to date with the latest and greatest processes, procedures and equipment. I have personally referred Level5 Mgmt to Scripps Florida and several other businesses here in Jupiter and we are very pleased to recommend them to anyone else.

Director of Business Development
A-1 Moving & Storage

This letter is in appreciation of Level5 Mgmt’s excellent service. Level5 Mgmt has provided exceptional IT service for our law Firm, for the past five years and has truly become an integral part of our business.

We chose Level5 Mgmt’s CompleteIT Solution, which provides us with private cloud service, monitoring, backups and email hosting. It has significantly increased our productivity.  We hired three other IT companies before finding Level5 Mgmt.  None of those companies were able to match or even come close to Level5 Mgmt’s competency and efficiency. We have a main office and a satellite office, which proved too complicated for the other IT companies, despite their vehement assurances. We had constant interruptions in service, were plagued with IT issues, and their responsiveness was entirely lacking.  Before hiring Level5, we just assumed that frequent IT problems were a normal part of running a business these days.

We received a recommendation from another local business and decided to look into Level5 Mgmt for our IT needs. After speaking with the Level5 Mgmt team and investigating their services, we decided to move forward. Since that day, we have been extremely happy with our decision. Level5 Mgmt has effortlessly managed our infrastructure allowing us to focus on our work. As such, our Firm has increased our production and capabilities. Level5 Mgmt has far exceeded our expectations and has made our IT problems a thing of the past.  In addition to excellent IT service, their customer service has been truly outstanding, a rarity for many IT companies, unfortunately. Level5 Mgmt’s service, responsiveness, and professionalism have been consistently outstanding.  I would highly recommend Level5 Mgmt to any company.

For the Firm

I have utilized Level5 Mgmt. for the past two years. Currently, my company is enrolled in their SimplifyIT program and use their CompleteIT solution. I chose this program, as it was much more cost effective for my company to partner with Level5 Mgmt to manage our IT needs as opposed to having an in-house team. We have saved thousands of dollars a year moving out our in-house IT division and allowing Level5 Mgmt to manage our network, servers and help desk needs. The Level5 Mgmt support specialist and staff have been committed to helping meet my company’s IT needs and even discovered a potential, disastrous problem with one of our servers which was repaired immediately and kept my company functioning at our full potential without any delay in business activity. I will be forever grateful for their diligent support and commitment. I highly recommend Level5 Mgmt. as a managed service provider and so much more.

Licensing and Compliance Consultant