Backup and Recovery Services

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Fool-Proof Backup and Recovery Solutions

Your data and network are the lifeblood of your company. Protecting these assets are vital to your success. So, how do you create a fool-proof system? PreventIT Data Backup and recovery solution from Level5 will allow you to breathe easier knowing we have your back with our all-inclusive remote backup service for your critical business data, server and desktop operating systems, as well as your server and desktop program files. We also clone your server, giving you fast access even if your entire network crashes.


More than 50% of data loss is caused by human error. We have a cost-effective and fool-proof solution.

Data Backup and Data Recovery

  • Our Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Reduces and Can Even Eliminate Downtime
  • Maintain Employee Productivity and Your Abilty To Generate Revenue
  • Ensure Your Clients and Partners That Their Data Is Safe
  • Stay Compliant With Industry and Other Legal Requirements Like HIPAA, SOX and GLBA
  • Take Comfort In Knowing Your Business Will Be Safe In The Event Of A Regional Disaster