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Engineering IT Services & Solutions

While the demand for your services remains healthy, many engineering firms are looking for ways to cut costs, work smarter and differentiate themselves competitively. Level5 Mgmt manages your technology needs with IT for engineering services to make your business successful. We provide the specialized technology services you need, giving you back the time to work on your core business and grow your clientele. We offer comprehensive assessments of your firm’s assets, identify issues that need immediate attention, list longer-term needs and help establish priorities. Our services range from virus protection to long-range network planning that ensures network security and stability. Plus, we address potential problems before they become real ones.

Engineering IT Services & Solutions Boca Raton

In 2002 we had our service and maintenance contract with a company in Ft. Lauderdale and Ben Filippelli was the lead engineer there. His performance and attention to detail was outstanding. We had no problem abandoning our pre-paid contract with the current vendor in order to follow him when he left for Level5 Mgmt and we continue to be happy to this day. Having Ben and now the entire team of Level5 Mgmt behind him serving our business takes away all of our concerns for network safety, IT questions and computer maintenance.

Director of Business Development
A-1 Moving & Storage

This letter is in appreciation of Level5 Mgmt’s excellent service. Level5 Mgmt has provided exceptional IT service for our law Firm, for the past five years and has truly become an integral part of our business.

We chose Level5 Mgmt’s CompleteIT Solution, which provides us with private cloud service, monitoring, backups and email hosting. It has significantly increased our productivity.  We hired three other IT companies before finding Level5 Mgmt.  None of those companies were able to match or even come close to Level5 Mgmt’s competency and efficiency. We have a main office and a satellite office

For the Firm

It is my pleasure to recommend the IT services of Level5 Mgmt. During the past three years, Level5 Mgmt has been providing my company, The Morganti Group, Inc. with the highest quality in IT services. Morganti has offices across the country and across the world, so it is crucial that we maintain connectivity between our various sites. We utilize Level5 Mgmt’s ConnectIT private cloud solution to allow us not only to stay connected, but the peace of mind that our important data is secure. Accompanied with their expert support and rapid response to our requests

The Morganti Group, Inc.

Here Are A Few Of The Benefits Of Using Our Engineering IT Services And Solutions:

Gain remote access

Your office can be anywhere you are, so you need to be able to access all your documents, from contracts and blueprints to inspection reports and more. We ensure your shared network is up and running all the time.

Boost performance

Your IT equipment and software needs to perfectly operate at peak performance and be properly integrated. From project management systems to CAD/CAM and from your back office to your client portal, we effectively and efficiently put it all together so it works seamlessly.

Reduce costs

You face many costs over the span of every project. We proficiently manage your IT expenses, including the capital costs of owning and licensing technology, the operational costs of keeping that technology running smoothly, and the costs to keep you in compliance.

Improve security

A hacking event, lost equipment or any disaster can cause you to lose critical project, client and business data. It creates delays, increases costs and reduces revenue. We implement a strategic backup and disaster recovery system to protect critical information.