Does Your Business Have an IT Issue?

Here’s some hints that it may be time to consider managed IT support outsourcing

Laptop computer with red screen and skull and crossbones icon illustrates concept of computer problems.

As someone who owns or runs a SMB, your day to day is pretty packed. You’re likely the major decision maker — the one who is ultimately tasked with keeping the company growing, keeping everyone and everything working, and keeping your clients or customers happy. With so much going on, it’s almost natural for operational components like IT to get overlooked. This week, we share some IT red flags to watch for that may indicate that your business is developing a significant IT problem. It’s important to remember that in most cases, the “break/fix” model of IT support is not cost effective and tends not to fully address recurring issues. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it may be time to learn more about managed IT support services.

Why am I seeing so many ads?

Let’s say you’re an attorney and your law firm is working feverishly on a brief that needs to be submitted. You — or your legal assistant — are trying to finish up some research online, but ads keep appearing, preventing you from clicking through to the page you need to access.

The job of adware is to hide on your system and feed you a relentless stream of advertisements. And while some adware actually asks for permission for installation (usually in a confusing or underhanded way), most users have no memory of downloading anything. This is typically a good sign that your internet browser has been hijacked and the adware is malicious and now living on your PC or Mac. (Not so fun fact: compared to PC, your Mac is twice as likely to become infected with adware.)

Okay, so that’s annoying, sure, but still pretty innocuous, right? Unfortunately, adware that is surreptitiously installed on your computer can be used as a back entry-point to deliver malware to your network and steal data. With this, bad actors now have access to your financial information. Your personal details. Your client files.

With IT managed service, your provider can ensure you have the managed IT security solutions necessary to prevent this kind of breach.

Why do I keep getting pop-ups?

Quite similar to becoming inundated with adware, a sudden increase in pop-ups (or incidents of strange or suspicious pop-ups) indicate a probable infection of malware. And just as similarly, this tends to happen when you aren’t expecting an issue. Maybe you’re simply trying to open a presentation or a document, and this action triggers a series of pop-up windows that create an obstacle to accessing the file.

Once again, the purpose of this kind of malware is to gain information from you or force you to take an action that will only further compromise your data. Often — but not always — these popups will claim a phony error code or encourage you to call a number or click a link for help. You should never call the number. You should never click anything on the window. Immediately close your browser, even if you have to force quit.

Why am I getting spam emails from my employees or coworkers?

Have you or your team noticed a lot of spam emails or suspicious-looking messages lately? Maybe they’re even being sent from either your own official email address or your staff’s official email IDs. If so, a worm may be at work on your email system.

Email worms gain access to the IT system through the download of an infected file and then replicate themselves across the network via email. They penetrate their victim’s email security and spread rapidly via the victim’s contact list by sending automated emails that appear to be sent by the victim. So if you’ve noticed a sketchy message or a lot of junk emails coming from Rita in HR, it’s likely time to a call an IT provider.

Why are my company’s computers suddenly having issues?

The most simple indication of IT troubles? A lot of things that were working suddenly seem broken. Any business can expect to have minor problems here and there as their technology quickly ages (did you know there’s a budget-friendly way to always have updated hardware?), but if several issues suddenly seem to be cropping up at once, it may mean there’s a more pervasive issue taking over your IT system, one program at a time.

How can an IT Managed Service Provider help?

The main idea here? Pay attention to your technology — and listen to your team’s IT gripes. Do you have a machine that’s suddenly slowing down, or a new plug-in added to your browser, or an application that’s really started lagging? Unlike some other problems inherent to business, technology issues don’t clear up on their own. If you haven’t partnered with an IT Managed Service Provider already, consider having one take a deeper look. Delaying the problem usually allows it to spread, ravaging your IT network and opening you up to breaches and unnecessary expenditures.

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