Boca Raton’s Business IT Provider Has a New Technology Blog

Finding IT solutions for your business just got easier.

Level5 Management’s IT Resources for Businesses

As a Managed IT Service Provider for businesses in South Florida and across the U.S., we’ve had an up-front view of what businesses have been up against this year. As of the end of the summer, the number of active small business owners in America had dropped by a quarter. We’ve seen small businesses go reeling from the Covid shutdowns (and responded with the creation of our Level5Cares IT grants for small businesses in Palm Beach and Broward counties). We’ve watched opportunistic bad actors exploit the pandemic to launch a host of new cybersecurity threats. We’ve been there as companies have scrambled to implement work-from-home plans and do everything they could to protect their teams and keep everyone healthy and employed. We’ve witnessed the financial stumbling of underprepared companies and colleagues. And we have watched with pride over and over as our clients have overcome each of the year’s challenges and tests.

Forgive us for repeating the obvious one last time — 2020 has been awful: long, difficult, and bizarre. 

But there are thousands of pundits, business analysts, and dark-humored memes whose job it is to look backward on the year we all collectively wish we could forget. At Level5, our job has always been to show companies of all sizes the best path forward, and our entire IT philosophy centers on the concept of preparedness and proactivity. It’s in that spirit that Level5 is bounding into 2021 with some exciting changes. 

Last month, we launched a new version our website at, redesigned with a simplified aesthetic, a clear layout of solutions, an easy way to reach us via LiveChat on any page, and a tagline that we hope will become our shared mantra for 2021: “It’s Time to Get Happy.” Today, Level5 Management replaces the blog we’ve had for years with a new blog— one full of real-world anecdotes, general information and insights for small and medium sized businesses, workplace IT tips and problem-solving your employees can actually use, and even resources for internal IT departments. 

Permanent remote workforces are expected to double in 2021, just as the landscape of IT security threats is becoming grossly more jagged and difficult to navigate. The critical reliance of businesses on cloud computing continuously hits new highs, and the popularity of hybrid/on-premise cloud solutions continues to grow in kind. We recognize that in 2021, our clients and future clients will need us more than ever. Business owners and administrators who aren’t our clients but who will visit our website looking for information and resources will also need us more than ever. As with our new site and a host of new service offerings, the new Level5 blog is another way we will be there with answers.