Are you wasting too much time on IT issues?

Level5 Mgmt has your applications hosted

Application Hosting Frees Up More Time To Grow Your Business

If you spend too much time patching software, performing upgrades and backing up data, then you’re not focusing on what really matters—growing your business. Gartner has estimated that at least 80 percent of IT resources are spent on maintenance, not adding new value. Count on Level5 Mgmt to manage your mission-critical business applications so your IT team can spend more time strategizing ways to help your business succeed.

In-House vs. Outsourced IT

Application Hosting Boca Raton

Application Hosting Improves Security While Delivering Many Other Benefits, Including:

An advanced infrastructure

Secure your business applications in a modern data center. We ensure your equipment is constantly updated and lives in a climate-controlled environment. Our certified engineers, technicians and support team also manage your applications 24/7.


You can depend on us to monitor the performance of every application around the clock. Beyond that, we also include the systems that integrate them with your database and other applications, the networks they run on, and the backup and storage systems where data is safely stored.

Improved performance

You need applications tuned to peak operation if you want to grow your business. We take care of it all—from network components and bandwidth to firewalls, anti-spam protection and more.

Maintenance and support

Your applications must be regularly inventoried to ensure current licensing and the proper support. We perform preventative maintenance and remote support to keep your applications up to date and running smoothly.