Migrate your business to the cloud

With Virtualization from Level5 Mgmt

Virtualization Support Services To Balance Workload With Performance

Quickly growing your business demands greater scalability, agility and cost control. Using a virtualized IT infrastructure is the ideal way to reduce capital expenditures and expand your IT assets. Level5 Mgmt automates basic IT processes and creates an elastic environment for computing, storage and networking resources. We balance physical servers, processor capacity and network resources using a sophisticated set of IT management toolsets and skills. You can count on our trained IT staff and dedicated resources to focus on the day-to-day management of data and network virtualization. Our advanced set of monitoring and management tools ensures you get the optimum use of your IT assets with the performance your users demand.

In-House vs. Outsourced IT

Virtualization Support Services Pompano Beach

Virtualization Lets You Run Multiple Operating Systems At The Same Time While Still Segregating Applications, Workloads And Roles. Gain Increased Productivity, Plus:

Cost-effective implementation

Save money on purchasing server licenses by buying only one, then hosting the rest without any extra costs. Furthermore, having fewer physical servers, you save on power bills, maintenance fees, and data center space and fees.

Business continuation

Consolidating your software applications, operating systems and hardware platforms leads to fewer redundant physical devices needed to serve as primary machines. This maximizes service uptime and availability.

Increased availability

One of the primary advantages of virtualization is that the servers are segregated, running as though they rely on separate hardware and decreasing downtime during maintenance periods. Maintenance can be done in a production environment without affecting business and causing disruptions.

Speedy installations

Virtualization allows for fast installation of new applications or router and switch software services. You no longer have to purchase equipment that can take days or weeks to get ordered, delivered and set up. We simply configure a new virtual machine, router, switch or storage drive using virtualization management, significantly reducing setup times.