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Tackling the technical logistics and practices involved with Medical Imaging systems is no small task. From processing and storing the data to controlling who can see it, Level 5 Management has the expertise to help your healthcare organization.

Imaging technology, quite frankly, is a modern miracle… the mere thought that someday a device would exist that could reveal what lies behind the skin was once inconceivable. However, for these miracles to work effectively, there needs to be a foundation of security and data management. After all, it wouldn’t be a good thing if a patient’s scans were made unavailable to their medical team, either because they were misfiled or breached, would it?

To avoid this scenario and the repercussions of such a disaster, there needs to be a level of awareness throughout the image collecting process, from bringing the patient in to filing their records. IT solutions are now available that can greatly simplify both processes for those responsible for maintaining a patient’s security.

Furthermore, as medical imaging creates medical records by design, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) also comes into play. This means that the security of these medical records becomes (if possible) even more important to ensure.

One of Level5 Management’s specialties is taking care of specific information technology resources, including those that are used in the field of medical imaging. Take a look at how we can serve the IT needs of your particular industry vertical:

  • Implement secure file storage to protect the sensitive information and records of patients.
  • Secure the file sharing capabilities of these facilities to enable secure and efficient results sharing with other medical providers.
  • Better organize the medical history of patients to assist in their care.
  • Assist technologists in capturing the best images by maintaining the software that powers the image capturing device.
  • Embrace the cybersecurity practices that defend operations and data while allowing those who need the data to access it.

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