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Virtual CIO Services For Day-To-Day Operations

You know how important IT is to your daily operations. But your IT department may be only one person—maybe just you—wearing many hats, including Chief Information Officer (CIO). This model is inefficient, causing you and your employees to lose critical focus. Long-term processes like technology assessments, strategic planning and drawing up a refresh schedule are so far down the list you don’t know if they’ll get completed. That’s where Level5 Mgmt takes on a key role, providing vCIO services. We learn your business processes inside and out and continuously work to find ways to improve them. Count on us for strategic planning that ensures your technology is optimized and leveraged to your full advantage, maximizing ROI. As your trusted IT consultant, Level5 Mgmt works remotely with your internal team at a much lower rate than hiring a dedicated individual.

In-House vs. Outsourced IT

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Virtual CIO Services Can Work For Your Business

Implementing Virtual CIO services may be the right move for your business. Consider these benefits of using Virtual CIO Services to better streamline your IT department:

Outside evaluation from an expert

You need a refreshing take on how you do business. We conduct a network assessment, take inventory of your current IT systems, and pinpoint any potential risks, such as security lapses. We also evaluate your data backup system and what happens to your business when power outages or system downtime occur. We expose issues that could be a huge cost-saver down the road.

Technology foresight and experience

Not making the right choices today can do long-term damage to your business. We help you make impactful, important technical decisions, whether they’re simple or complex. Everything we uncover and plan for is reported and presented to you, along with approximate costs.

In-house benefits without the price tag or hurdles

Leveraging virtual CIO services is just like having an in-house CIO that understands your vision for success. We do everything an in-house CIO can do. Going virtual is much more affordable and saves you money by uncovering and resolving issues that can escalate into expensive problems later.