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Where Did The Level5 Name Come From?

The name Level5 derives from the popular book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Level 5 leadership refers to the highest level in a hierarchy of executive capabilities. After several years of research, Collins discovered that all of the great organizations he studied were headed by what he referred to as "Level 5 Leaders." These C- level Leaders have a unique combination of fierce resolve and humility. They do not seek success for their own glory; rather, success is necessary so that the team and organization can thrive. A level 5 leader is one who can sustain a company’s performance over a long term to supersede all of its competitors.

At Level5 we live by these principles. We view each employee AND client as a vital part of our team. By creating an environment in which each member feels empowered and supported, our team will be successful.

Our History

Located in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida, Level5 was founded in 2010 with two basic yet important principles in mind; evolve with technology and ensure client satisfaction.

Under the guidance of IT Director Ben Filippelli, a recognized expert in the field of technology, Level5 trasformed the IT service industry with the creation of our automated support platform. This made our offering a unique alternative vs competitors. Matched with our signature “Above and Beyond” service, Level5 has stayed true to our founding principles and has grown to be a trusted name in the IT service community.

Our Mission

We are committed to becoming your trusted full service IT provider. Our team of professionals strive to offer a wide range of innovative solutions and reliable support so you can focus on your business, not your technology.

Our Vision

Through our continued hard work, we will remain a trusted name in the IT service industry by leveraging a knowledgeable and customer-focused staff, as well as offering innovative solutions that meet your IT needs.

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