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Cloud IT Solutions

ConnectIT brings your complete business network to you and your team — anywhere, on any device. 

At a time when most large and small businesses across the world are supporting some level of remote work, connectibility is everything. Whether you’re just considering moving your business to the cloud or you’ve been there for years, our cloud solutions open up enterprise-class technology to companies of all sizes, allowing smaller businesses to disrupt the market and compete in ways they couldn’t before.  

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Download our guide, “Demystifying the Cloud,” to learn more about cloud computing and what it can do for your business — in layman’s terms.

Hosted IT Services

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Solutions for Your Business

Expand your business’s computing capabilities, increase your company’s efficiency and productivity, and eliminate the capital expenses that come along with the purchase state-of-the-art technology.

Companies no longer need to purchase, run, and maintain their entire IT infrastructure on premises. The elimination of the capital and operational costs necessary to do so has liberated organizational IT budgets and dramatically changed how businesses compute. Your server is now capable of being housed in our secure data center and maintained by our expert network engineers and technicians. And our hosted solutions ensure your company has a secure and efficient computing infrastructure that enables you to focus on the success of your business — not your IT.

Hybrid and Private Cloud Solutions 

Another thing we do differently

While we maintain partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for clients who use them, we know that the industries we serve often need more than the public cloud services have to offer. Level5‘s fully customizable ConnectIT cloud platform is one more way we do IT differently.

While others seek to “rent” you space in the global public cloud, our private and hybrid cloud options give your business a completely dedicated, completely secure private environment. We stay up and running even when the global platforms are down. 

One way to think of it: with a public cloud, you are renting an “apartment” with shared utilities and long waits for maintenance to fix issues. With our ConnectIT cloud solution, you get your own private island – with 24-hour security and your own maintenance staff for good measure! You have total control, total flexibility, and total security.


Private or hybrid cloud service hosted in our secure data center environment with Virtual Server Hosting and Virtualization Support. From ConnectIT Cloud, clients can access their entire infrastructure from anywhere, effectively negating the need for a traditional desktop computer and providing full access to current data and business applications.  All of our cloud programs include this base ConnectIT and full helpdesk support. You can add this to CompleteIT to give a more robust offering.

Connect IT Package Includes:

  • Management of existing cloud server 
  • Management of existing Office 365 account 
  • Migration from on premise server to cloud server (one-time project) 
  • Hosted Exchange email services 
  • Application delivery 
  • 30GB of storage per user 
  • Microsoft Office Applications 
  • 2 weeks of cloud backup 
  • Managed Firewall 
  • Windows Patching 
  • Application Patching 
  • Centralized Antivirus
  • Centralized Malware 
  • Help Desk 9a – 5pm 
  • 24×7 Monitoring 
  • Discounted Hourly Support 
  • Discounted Projects

*Pricing will vary

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