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Co-Managed IT

Give your existing IT staff the resources to do what they do best…
and the power to drive your business forward.

Some of our most powerful collaborations happen when we team up with your internal IT department. Empower your IT team by giving them the flexibility to focus on strengthening your operations and growing your business – while we manage your IT infrastructure and security. Our platform takes the “busy work” off their plate and allows them to jump into strategizing and maximizing your return on your line-of-business applications.

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Are you properly leveraging your internal IT team?

When your IT department is working hard to shift their attention in all different directions, it can become inevitable for some support and maintenance tasks to get put off, or even go completely unresolved. Far too often, this is the dynamic that leads to breaches in businesses’ network security. If tasks like the continual issuing of patches aren’t completed on time every time, your systems become rapidly outdated and vulnerable to a persistent barrage of online threats.

For most SMBs, hiring on more trained IT specialists isn’t in the budget.

Business needs evolve with their own growth as well as the rapid changes to industry technology. For most, it makes more budgetary sense to outsource certain elements of your IT maintenance and support. With Level5’s fixed-rate co-managed IT services, you get the benefit of expanding your staff to include a team of network engineers and IT experts – without the cost of expanding your payroll.

Reliability and Accessibility

For your IT team in particular, absences can be a major setback, even if they’re only gone for a day. Even a short delay in task completion can lead to major security breaches. And support, maintenance and security needs don’t end at 5:00pm. Our co-managed platform compensates for your employees’ off-hours, and makes planning for vacations and paid time off easier. Co-managed IT provides a safety net to dedicated IT professionals that can mitigate downtime-causing circumstances, whether your in-house IT staff is on-hand or not.

Give your team the support they deserve. Let us show you a better kind of IT service and see a difference you can measure.

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