Case Study:

Boca Raton Law Firm

A Boca Raton law firm suffered a major breach. Despite the firm’s diligent efforts to safeguard themselves and through no fault of their own, the measures being employed by their current IT services company simply were not adequate to protect them. They were forced to delay court dates and crucial legal responses because they couldn’t access their data in a timely fashion.

With open cloud access on a shared network, the client was suffering from the grave misgivings of another company. Bogged down by their existing IT firm, it took almost two weeks to get most of the data back. Level5 was called in to expedite the attorneys’ and staff’s ability to at least begin working again while we prepared the migration.

After analyzing all the firm’s applications and the breadth of their data, we were able to migrate them to Office365, placing all of their static documents on a pooled shared storage area. We took their line of business application into a private cloud completely isolated from anyone else. We also pushed their app onto a remote published application, allowing them to either work directly on their desktops and launch the cloud-based application securely, or to connect to their private cloud and work as a full desktop. By connecting their Office365 pooled storage, they could now save their documents and then get them on their local computer, cloud computer, or any device securely, safely, and quickly.

Level5 migrated the firm from Exchange Online to Microsoft365, and also included Office and RDS licensing for their cloud servers. We setup a secure gateway for remote access and a secure VPN for their office location to make it easier to log in from a trusted location, but to still allow for extra security if coming in from somewhere else. We added Cloudflare in front of their secure gateway to limit connectivity geographically and limit the exposure before ever having to enter any 2FA or credentials. We deployed SQL, AD, HA Gateway and an RDS farm to handle the traffic and any issues. We also encrypted the dataset that sits in Office365 to protect against any accidental data leakage. Sentinel One was added to every device, as well as Zorus Web Protection to enhance their security stance as an organization. Finally we added Health Checks on any unknown incoming connection so any unmanaged device had to at least report that it was operating in a secure fashion.

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