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Hardware as a Service (Haas)

Keep your teams up-to-date with BundleIT and get the fastest and most feature-rich workstations for your business— without the capital expenditure.

Keeping Your Business Computers Current is Necessary. The Expense of Replacement Isn’t.

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The Costs of Outdated Hardware

Like most small businesses, you likely have a few workstations or other devices that are past their prime. Delaying equipment replacement is usually a budgetary issue: technology outdates itself quickly, but it’s unreasonable to expect businesses to take on the cost of refreshing their hardware at the same pace. 

For some, access to new features may not be a compelling incentive — but not having access to any new security updates should be. Particularly in industries governed by regulations like HIPAA, PCI, or SOX, relying on outdated equipment can mean you’re potentially flirting with the line of noncompliance. Your familiar old workstation may be getting you through the workday, but too often becomes the catalyst for hefty fines and a loss of trust.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Provider Boca Raton | Level5 Management
Did you know?

Microsoft estimates that businesses who use PCs more than 4 years old cost an average of 7 full days in lost productivity and 21 hours in repairs, maintenance and updates

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Hardware as a Service (HaaS) | Level5 Management Boca Raton, Florida.

Lost Productivity

You’ve waited on the rotating hourglass, the spinning circle, the pop-up boxes urging you to perform some update or install some patch. Your team has gotten used to the hesitation between typing characters and actually seeing them appear on the screen. The computer freezes, you swirl your mouse around on your desk and wait. Dated technology runs more slowly, takes longer to execute tasks, and requires much more time and maintenance.

Upgrade quicker without the capital investment. With BundleIT, Level5 Management provides your business with all the devices you need to run properly and competitively – AND full maintenance and support.

We refresh our hardware constantly, before they become obsolete. Our ControlIT client dashboard can even remind you when something is coming due to be replaced. When something in your package begins to age, we simply replace it — at no additional expense to you.

Features and Pricing

BundleIT – Hardware as a Service

Our all-in-1 hardware, software and Support or HaaS solution. This combines CompleteIT and hardware/software leasing provided by Level5.

BundleIT Package includes:

  • Leasing of Servers
  • Leasing of Workstations
  • Leasing of Network Equipment
  • Leasing of Wireless Devices
  • Leasing of VoIP Phones
  • Leasing of Software
  • Device Management
  • Monthly Reporting and Quarterly Reviews of your “IT Report Card”
  • Free – Yearly Technology Review
  • Annual Security Assessment
  • Agreement Reviews
  • Discounted Pricing on all Projects
  • Vendor Management
  • 24×7 Remediation

*Starting at $199 per user

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