Case Study:

West Palm Construction Company

A West Palm Beach construction company was having extensive issues with all of their job sites being unable to effectively get the data back to the office successfully for accounting, billing and management.

The company is heavily invested in a line of business application that each employee is running in a stand-alone version on their laptops. Concerns of timeliness of data, loss, theft are all of high priority.

Level5 presented the company with a private cloud service that would move the line of business application into a centralized environment. We allowed each location to have the exact same setup with firewall, printers, and laptops to simplify new locations moving forward. All the on-site users would use the centralized server, allowing the executive team to have real-time access to all the data. As they were working directly on a remote environment, data loss and theft were removed from the priority list simultaneously. Since some users just needed access to office documents, we pooled data on Office365 to have better controls and also allowed field employees to load Office and Teams to be able to communicate more effectively and have the ability to use email without connecting to the cloud services.

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