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In 2020, any company – large or small – that relies on technology to do business should have a Managed Services Provider on its side. But choosing the right MSP is a critical task, and it can be a daunting one. Who you choose to partner with can mean a world of difference in regard to productivity, security, cost-control, and overall success.

At Level5, we never just want to just be “one of the pack.” We know that in order to lead, we must stand out. That’s why our technologists are more than just IT support techs who keep your business running seamlessly from behind the scenes; we are problem-solving experts who love a challenge and see each client as an opportunity to further show how we’re different. We solve puzzles before they ever cause you downtime, but we also take a high-level view of your infrastructure to find ways you can multiply productivity and save your business time and money.

From all over Palm Beach County from Jupiter to West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, across Broward County and even past South Florida to South America, our clients have been our proof – time and again – that a combination of unique expertise and a willingness to step out of the mold pays off, for you and for us.

Here are a few of our recent case studies.

Central American Government


As COVID-19 began spreading throughout the world, Level5 was working
with a Latin American country who decided that in order to convey assistance to
their citizens, they wanted to send out pre-paid debit cards that ran directly through
the country’s banking system, instead of issuing paper checks.

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Boca Raton

Law Firm Breach

A Boca Raton law firm suffered a major breach. Despite the firm’s diligent efforts to safeguard themselves and through no fault of their own, the measures being employed by their current IT services company simply were not adequate to protect them. They were forced to delay court dates and crucial legal responses because they couldn’t access their data in a timely fashion.

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West Palm Beach

Construction Company

A West Palm Beach construction company was having extensive issues
with all of their job sites being unable to effectively get the data back to the office
successfully for accounting, billing and management.

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