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Trustworthy and reliable IT support is critical to any business’s success. And although some SMBs think hiring one or two full-time technicians is the best approach, that route doesn’t provide the scope of service that a managed services provider does. With Level5 Mgmt’s team of consultants and technicians, Fort Lauderdale businesses have access to a broader range of knowledge and specialities, at a cost more affordable than that of one or two in-house IT experts.

If you’re running a business in the “Venice of America,” you need technology that is prepared to handle everything from tourist season to hurricane season.

The Level5 Mgmt vision for your company centers around the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to IT. Therefore, we provide services that fit your needs. And if those needs change, we’re equipped to accommodate them with virtually no interruption of service. You get support from a fully-staffed team of experts, at a price SMBs can afford.

Level5 Mgmt IT Support provides Fort Lauderdale businesses with:

  • Flexibility – get the support you need, from data backup and recovery to virtualized servers, we do it all.
  • Reliability – our round-the-clock monitoring doesn’t just prevent downtime, it also ensures that your network operates at peak performance, always.
  • Affordability – with preventative maintenance, remote support and cloud computing, you can reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Scalability – pay only for what you need and expand your capabilities with little more than a phone call to us.

It is my pleasure to recommend the IT services of Level5 Mgmt. During the past three years, Level5 Mgmt has been providing my company, The Morganti Group, Inc. with the highest quality in IT services. Morganti has offices across the country and across the world, so it is crucial that we maintain connectivity between our various sites. We utilize Level5 Mgmt’s ConnectIT private cloud solution to allow us not only to stay connected, but the peace of mind that our important data is secure. Accompanied with their expert support and rapid response to our requests, Level5 is an asset to Morganti and any company in need of an IT provider. Level5 Mgmt’s dedicated staff has always gone above and beyond when we need them, so for that reason we are happy to offer this recommendation letter as a thank you to Level5 Mgmt for continued loyalty and great service.

The Morganti Group, Inc.

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