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If your business is grappling with slow, unresponsive technology, impersonal and ineffective tech support, or repeated IT issues, we promise you there’s a better way to do IT. Whether you want to learn more about how you can control IT costs, are curious about the health of your network, have an immediate need or just want a second opinion, we are here for support and advice — even if you aren’t a client yet!

Schedule a chat with an expert — or a free deep-dive network audit that can look for hidden problems, security vulnerabilities, and other issues lurking on your network.

I’d Like a Cost-Free Network Audit & Consultation

Our cost-free audits and consultations are completed by industry-leading technology experts— not salespeople. We may be an IT business, but we’re consumers too, and we’re serious about treating other businesses right. We don’t believe in pushy sales calls or scare tactics, and there are no strings attached to the cost-free audits we provide. We see this as a way to help our fellow South Florida business owners and give them the insight needed to make informed decisions, though we do hope that this will give us a chance to show your business how working with Level5 Management is different than any other tech support company.

Here are a few items we evaluate during the audit:

  • Diagnose slow, unstable workstations and devices. 
  • Look for hidden conflicts and problems on the network that could turn into bigger issues
  • Check for failing hardware
  • Evaluate for viruses, spyware, and other security risks that may allow hackers and other threats into your network
  • Updates to software and security patches
  • Assess the integrity of your data backup solution
  • Provide a full report you can keep for reference
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Our team isn’t just a roster of talented tech experts – we’re pretty good conversationalists, too! You can call us directly at (561) 509-2077, submit a request for information, or schedule a time for us to call you.

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