Why a Managed Services Provider is the Solution to So Many Business’s IT Problems

What You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Type of IT Provider for Your Business

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The Mistake Businesses Make in Managing IT Infrastructure

Yes, we know. Business IT is one of those things that most businesspeople don’t really want to spend their limited time thinking about. So one can hardly be blamed for not knowing what type of IT provider their business is using. (Or what type their business even needs.)

Most think of IT as a static discipline of operational support. But “IT” actually encompasses an exceptionally broad range of functions and expertise. And most specific areas of IT have very little to do with one another. It’s easy to think that a highly-trained IT provider is knowledgeable and capable of providing services in all areas. But it’s a mistake business owners commonly make when facing how to manage their IT infrastructure. 

Here’s a good analogy, borrowed from one of Level5’s specialty industries: the medical field. If you’re a person with a heart condition, you would likely be under the care of a cardiologist. You wouldn’t see a dentist or an orthopedic surgeon for that. And you wouldn’t just see your primary doctor exclusively either. By the same token, if your flat feet were causing you trouble, you’d want to consult with a podiatrist… not an obstetrician.

And yet when it comes to IT services for their businesses, people mistakenly believe that all IT companies are pretty much the same. 

That isn’t a realistic view of the technology services and IT support role in any organization. It can be a challenge to maximize and support your IT infrastructure because there are just so many different things that need to be handled. When a company is struggling with network efficiency, productivity, security, IT compliance, or some other area, very often this is at the root of the issue.

Managed IT Services for Business Growth and Cost Savings

Your business’s IT infrastructure is not monolithic. For instance, providers skilled in networks do not always have the necessary background to support your industry’s unique software applications. A provider with expertise in those line-of-business apps may not have the experience necessary to implement adequate IT security. And perhaps neither of the two have the background knowledge to successfully provide accessory services like VoIP. 

This means in order to optimally support all your IT, you require an IT support staff comprised of an array of different skill sets. If you’re a very large organization with exceptionally deep pockets, that is feasible. But in smaller to medium-sized organizations, the lack of economies of scale generally makes hiring fully-staffed IT departments economically impossible. For this reason, many companies see their growth impeded by a lack of depth in the design and support of your infrastructure. Some things just don’t get done — or at the very least, they don’t get done as well as they might. This can be a grave cost to businesses — not just in lost time and efficiency, but in security. And almost invariably, these are the businesses that are less able to bounce back quickly from disaster. 

A Managed IT Service Provider (or MSP) is the IT industry’s solution to these deficiencies. MSPs like Level5 Management are made up of IT experts across technological disciplines. We provide a cost-effective alternative for a well-staffed IT department. In fact, MSPs are often brought in to help supplement specific trouble areas for existing internal IT staff. 

24/7 IT Monitoring and Maintenance

Another critical benefit of partnering with a Managed Services Provider? A successful business IT infrastructure in 2021 must be available and consistent 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, even the most robust organizations typically cannot afford to keep their IT staff working past business hours. This is another source of network vulnerability — especially when it comes to security. Providers limited to business hours are less likely to identify issues right away and respond with the immediacy required. As an MSP, Level5 provides 24/7 monitoring and maintenance at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. 

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