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The Cyber Risks of Amazon Prime Day

Security experts anticipate a surge of Prime Day cyberattacks as 2021’s cybersecurity crisis rages on Today kicks off Amazon Prime Day, which runs from June 21-22 this year. In American culture, the online mega-retailer’s annual sales event has become almost a national holiday. Last year’s event brought in $10.4 billion for the corporate giant. But […]

Colonial Pipeline Was Looking for a Cybersecurity Manager Before the Ransomware Attack That Threatened the U.S. Fuel Supply

Colonial Pipeline was looking for a cybersecurity manager in the months before the attack. It didn’t find one.  It’s one of the most disruptive cybersecurity events to ever happen in the U.S. On Friday, Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline announced that the company has been victimized by a ransomware attack that’s led to the halting of all […]

Why Your IT Service Provider Should Be Providing IT Security Awareness Training to Your Employees

Research shows that IT security awareness training is a critical component of business security. If your IT service provider isn’t offering training to your employees, you aren’t being protected. Your employees can be your biggest threat, or your best protection. We see it every day as IT security experts.  For bad actors looking for a […]

If the IT Industry Only Had a Heart

How an ambitious client relations executive entered the IT industry and created the top-rated IT provider in Palm Beach County Theon Paulino is the Chief Operations Officer at Level5 Management. The Managed IT Service company is Boca Raton’s top-rated provider of cloud management, IT security, and network support for businesses.  Unlike the rest of the […]

Is Your Business At Risk of Data Loss?

The 7 Most Common Causes of Business Data Loss As the leading IT security experts and Backup and Disaster Recovery provider (BDR) in Boca Raton, there are a few statistics that make us shudder. One of the most concerning? 80 percent of businesses surveyed say that they are confident that they would survive a significant […]

SMBs Fall Victim to Sophisticated Ongoing Attack on Microsoft Exchange

Level5 Management Assists South Florida Businesses As IT Security Providers Scramble to Determine Which Organizations Have Been Affected BOCA RATON — Over the weekend, the White House and U.S. national security officials issued an urgent warning, calling the massive zero-day attack on Microsoft’s Exchange business email an “active, ongoing threat.” On Sunday, press secretary Jen […]

The Office “IT Guys”: Refuting (and Embracing) Stereotypes About Tech Support and IT Providers

What pop culture gets wrong — and right — about IT support You’d be hard-pressed to put together a group of people in any American workplace who can’t recite a few lines from the iconic TV show The Office. Indeed, the show (Netflix’s most-watched-show in history until the series was reclaimed by its creator network […]

Does Your Business Have an IT Issue?

Here’s some hints that it may be time to consider managed IT support outsourcing As someone who owns or runs a SMB, your day to day is pretty packed. You’re likely the major decision maker — the one who is ultimately tasked with keeping the company growing, keeping everyone and everything working, and keeping your […]

Why a Managed Services Provider is the Solution to So Many Business’s IT Problems

What You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Type of IT Provider for Your Business The Mistake Businesses Make in Managing IT Infrastructure Yes, we know. Business IT is one of those things that most businesspeople don’t really want to spend their limited time thinking about. So one can hardly be blamed for not […]

Beware the Clones: How Cybercriminals Use Website Trickery to Gain Access to Your Business Data and Personal Information

Website cloning has made phishing attempts much less easier to spot. Whether you realize it or not, some of the smartest professionals in your industry have fallen victim. Did you catch the 2019 film “Us?” Or any of the riffs and remakes of “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers?” If so, you probably remember why the idea […]

How to Avoid Cyber Scams this Holiday Shopping Season

Online shopping is rife with security issues, but you can outsmart the risks. Today kicks off the 10-day countdown to Christmas. (If you’re like the millions who haven’t even started shopping yet, do what you can to suppress your panic.) With holiday commerce projected to take place online this year more than any before it, […]

Are Your Employees’ Smartphones Putting Your Business At Risk?

Even before the Covid pandemic forced a mass acceleration of the shift to remote work, 67 percent of us were using our personal smartphones for work. For employers, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has seemed like a huge win. After all, according to Cisco, BYOD generates $350 in cost-savings per year per employee, […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Remote Workers Happy (and Why Nurturing Employee Morale During the Work From Home Era is Good for Cybersecurity)

Contented employees make vigilant teams; vigilant teams help make secure networks Nearly a full fifth of the workforce is now telecommuting full time, and it’s likely your business is supporting at least some level of remote work.  From a business IT perspective, we spend a lot of time talking about the implications this has for […]