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Law Office Technology That Saves Time & Improves Security

For lawyers and their law firms, figuring out what law office technology works best is always a challenge— and often an ongoing struggle. Whether you are a brand new attorney just starting out or a well-established firm, one fact is key: you must embrace technology. Over the past 15 years of specializing in IT for […]

Why Your IT Service Provider Should Be Providing IT Security Awareness Training to Your Employees

Research shows that IT security awareness training is a critical component of business security. If your IT service provider isn’t offering training to your employees, you aren’t being protected. Your employees can be your biggest threat, or your best protection. We see it every day as IT security experts.  For bad actors looking for a […]

The Office “IT Guys”: Refuting (and Embracing) Stereotypes About Tech Support and IT Providers

What pop culture gets wrong — and right — about IT support You’d be hard-pressed to put together a group of people in any American workplace who can’t recite a few lines from the iconic TV show The Office. Indeed, the show (Netflix’s most-watched-show in history until the series was reclaimed by its creator network […]

MSP business planning for 2021: What you should consider

From remote working to new security threats, 2020 introduced a range of new dynamics for MSPs. Here are four important considerations to address in your business planning for 2021. However exhausting and obvious the sentiment may be — and however redundantly it’s been conveyed by months of memes and dark sarcasm — it bears repeating […]