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How to Defend Against Ransomware with LAN ZeroTrust and Managed Services


The first recorded ransomware attack occurred in 1989. An AIDS researcher named Joseph Popp mailed floppy disks around the world to attendees of the World Health Organization’s AIDS conference. A few days after the floppy disk was inserted, the malware it installed locked the computer and demanded a $189 payment to a PO box in […]

Why Your IT Service Provider Should Be Providing IT Security Awareness Training to Your Employees

Research shows that IT security awareness training is a critical component of business security. If your IT service provider isn’t offering training to your employees, you aren’t being protected. Your employees can be your biggest threat, or your best protection. We see it every day as IT security experts.  For bad actors looking for a […]

Is Your Business At Risk of Data Loss?

The 7 Most Common Causes of Business Data Loss As the leading IT security experts and Backup and Disaster Recovery provider (BDR) in Boca Raton, there are a few statistics that make us shudder. One of the most concerning? 80 percent of businesses surveyed say that they are confident that they would survive a significant […]

Does Your Business Have an IT Issue?

Here’s some hints that it may be time to consider managed IT support outsourcing As someone who owns or runs a SMB, your day to day is pretty packed. You’re likely the major decision maker — the one who is ultimately tasked with keeping the company growing, keeping everyone and everything working, and keeping your […]

MSP business planning for 2021: What you should consider

From remote working to new security threats, 2020 introduced a range of new dynamics for MSPs. Here are four important considerations to address in your business planning for 2021. However exhausting and obvious the sentiment may be — and however redundantly it’s been conveyed by months of memes and dark sarcasm — it bears repeating […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Remote Workers Happy (and Why Nurturing Employee Morale During the Work From Home Era is Good for Cybersecurity)

Contented employees make vigilant teams; vigilant teams help make secure networks Nearly a full fifth of the workforce is now telecommuting full time, and it’s likely your business is supporting at least some level of remote work.  From a business IT perspective, we spend a lot of time talking about the implications this has for […]